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We are family

The Hirsch Inn is managed by us as a family

Our bourgeois inn was built in the middle of the picturesque village center of Leupolz. It is set back and away from the current main road. Leupolz belongs to the town of Wangen im Allgäu, it is only a few kilometers to the city center.

Enjoy the rural idyll in our house, surrounded by meadows, lakes and forests. Spend relaxing days in charming surroundings at the foot of the western Allgäu, in the immediate vicinity of the Alps and Lake Constance.

We are looking forward to your visit.

The history

A small piece of history of our inn

In 1837, the innkeeper Josef Sigg applied to the Royal High Office of Wangen to be allowed to operate a restaurant with the following wording:

“In the year 1813 my father received the tavern license, which I received permission to continue after his death in 1827, and which I have exercised ever since. …. I repeat my most humble request that you grant me the concession to establish a diner.”

Cheeks, Sept. 11 1837
most obedient Josef Sigg

1875 March:

In March 1875, the widow Kresenzia Sigg obtains permission to let Josef Gaile from Bietenweiler run her business as a deputy for some time.

1875 June:

Anton Schweizer von Waldsee acquires the business estate of Kresenzia Sigg and thus becomes the new owner. He asks for the award of the hospitality justice.

1877 March:

Just two years later, Andreas Wucher of Oberweiler acquires the business property and also wants to acquire the right to operate the inn.


Andreas Wucher is applying for a building permit to extend the farm building by 4′ with a new guest horse barn.


Andreas Wucher is requesting another building permit to extend the inn by 2.3′ on the gable end.


Andreas Wucher receives subsequent permission to extend the business operation to his garden located next to the residential building.

1918 December:

August Geyer, a butcher by trade, from the Holzmühle community of Vogt, acquires the inn and receives permission to operate it to the same extent as Andreas Wucher.


August Geyer applies for a building permit to construct a new bowling alley on the same site as the existing one.


The widow Sofie Geyer successfully continues the business to the same extent after the death of her husband August Geyer.


Her son, August Geyer, continued to run his mother’s inn until his death in 2005.

1971 Remodeling:

Upstairs, the dance hall will be converted into several guest rooms.


Maria Schneiderhahn-Geyer, a niece of the innkeeper Martha Geyer, who died in 2000, takes over the business property as owner. She has already worked in the inn herself since 1969.


The guest rooms on the second floor will be expanded and adapted to the needs of the guests.


A joyful event for the Hirsch Inn. Maria Schneiderhahn-Geyer receives 2 stars from the restaurant classification.


The Hirsch Inn has been working with the Farny Brewery for a proud 130 years, making it the longest-standing customer.


Maria Schneiderhan-Geyer hands over the restaurant to her nephew Patrick Vonier. They now run it together as a competent Hirsch team.

The beer garden now has a small playground, so that even the little visitors feel comfortable and have fun.

The inn is being diligently rebuilt. The sanitary facilities as well as the entrance area, the banquet hall and the guest rooms were renovated this year.

Digitalization has also left its mark on the inn. A new website was created and in the future the rooms can be booked online.


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Unsere Speisekarte wird täglich aktualisiert. 

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